Commonly Used Name:

Videl (Bīderu / ビーデル)

Full Name:

Videl Satan / Videl Son (Satan Videl / Son Videl / サタン ビーデル / 孫 ビーデル)

Alternate Names:


First Introduced in Anime:

Dragon Ball Z


Mr. Satan (Hercule) and an unnamed mother (fate unknown)

Spouse/Significant Other:

Gohan (Son Gohan)




157 cm / 5'2 feet


47 kg / 104 lbs


"Being an ally of justice"

*Favorite Food:

Okonomiyaki, Caesar salad

*Favorite Vehicle:

Air Bike

Anime Appearances:

Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball Movie Appearances:


Dragon Ball Z Movies Appearances:

10, 12, and 13

Appearances in Specials:

"Yo! The Return of Son-Goku and Friends!!"

Appears in manga?:


*From the "Super Exciting Guide - Character Volume"

videlVidel was the daughter of Mr. Satan (Hercule), a character introduced during the Cell saga as the widely known "Hero of Earth" and reining "World Martial Arts Champion". He was used for comedic effect and irony. Though his character was strong compared to typical humans, he was in fact not skilled in any of the energy/ki wielding techniques that fighters from the Dragon Ball series used widely, meaning his effectiveness to combat any such enemies with that power was non-existent. It was also portrayed that Mr. Satan was an overrated warrior even among his contemporaries. It is likely even humans like ChiChi could easily have defeated him in battle, and Gohan even commented later on that Videl was stronger than him. Videl, however, was not introduced at the same time as Mr. Satan, and didn't appear until the beginning of the Majin Buu arch of Dragon Ball Z, 7 years later.

Videl's character design is purportedly based off of "Fasha" (Vasha/Seripa), a female saiyan from the Bardock special. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, her attitude was much more leveled off; her temperament from earlier episodes softened considerably.

Videl was introduced as Gohan's classmate and semi-friend at the beginning of the series, and ended up marrying him sometime after the end of the Majin Buu arch, but before the end of Dragon Ball Z which took place 10 years later. We were not given any information on when this occurred or how, just that it did. The only thing we were given with regards to their marriage was a picture of the two at their wedding, shown during the last few episodes of Dragon Ball Z when Trunks came to visit them at their house (this was "anime only" and didn't appear in the manga). Both are shown standing next to each other in a stereotypical "alter" pose, wearing traditional western wedding garb (dress and tuxedo). No information on when exactly this occurred is given, although Pan would have been born when both were 22-23 years old. And judging how Dragon Ball was presented, it's likely they married before Videl became pregnant with their daughter "Pan", meaning they were probably at most 21 years old when they got married, possibly sooner. However, the truth regarding that can never be known, as it was never provided by any official sources.

videlVidel's character was developed early on, and did not change much. She was portrayed as a strong willed "warrior" type, but in the conventional setting of Satan City, in which she and her father were beloved by all. Videl fought crime in Satan City and worked closely with the police force there. She also possessed a very temperamental attitude, especially toward Gohan, who she suspected was "hiding something" during the "Saiyaman" episodes, which turned out to be true. Her temperament was not all that different from ChiChi, and similarities between the two were almost certainly intentional. That Gohan would end up with a woman not unlike his mother was certainly the intent. She also showed hints that she had romantic feelings for Gohan during the Buu arch, right around the time Goku (Son Goku) transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 (SSJ 3), upon learning of Gohan's "supposed" death and reflecting upon him.

Videl died, along with Bulma, Android 18, and some other sideline characters, when Majin Buu escaped from the time chamber, turned them all into chocolate, and ate them. She was later revived using the Namek's set of Dragon Balls along with everyone else.

As Dragon Ball Z progressed, her character was put into a much lesser role in the series, similar to how Gohan's character was marginalized toward the end of Dragon Ball Z, and certainly in Dragon Ball GT. Videl's fiery demeanor diminished considerably, and her attitude became generically happy and neutral. In the last 4 episodes, we are taken 10 years into the future where we find out that Videl married Gohan, and had Pan, who also developed into a fighter thanks to being trained by her "grandpa" Goku. Videl was present in Dragon Ball GT as well, but served little purpose and was a background character.