Welcome to Dragon Ball H.

What is the purpose of this Web site exactly? The "H" in the title is short for "hentai", and this is a fan Web site and information resource for the popular manga and anime meta-series known as Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール), which includes Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

However, this is no ordinary Dragon Ball fan Web site. DBH is dedicated to the erotic side of Dragon Ball; from "fan service" in the series, to miniature character biographies. I've made Dragon Ball H relatively text-heavy and simple to navigate, but still packed with useful info. It's nothing too fancy or sophisticated, but it accomplishes what it needs to. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you need/want to contact me, you can use the "Contact DBH" menu item. The site has a contact form, and also has a twitter feed (@Dragon_Ball_H).

If you've got an interest in collecting and sharing fan created material and other H Dragon Ball stuff, I recommend: Dbz Babes. It was created by me, and is run by me and others. It is THE #1 source for Dragon Ball based H dojins, pictures, video, etc. It also has stuff from other anime series, and other H works (and even non-H stuff). If you have the stomach for more than just the official fan service, go ahead and sign up.

-Grizz, Site Admin

July 29, 2012

By: Grizz

I finally completed the fan service page for Bulma. You should check it out. It's quite large.