Dragon Ball H is a Web site that's about all things "erotic", more or less, concerning the Dragon Ball universe, specifically as it pertanins to the female characters. It is often abbreviated to "DBH". The Web site has been in existence since 2006, in one form or another. It's gone through many amatuerish designs of my own creation. Originally, it was a full content site that shared fan works such as pictures, dojin, etc. Now, the site focuses more on canon "H" information (as in the fan service that appeared in the anime/manga). However, there are sections of the Web site that deal with fan art, but not in directly sharing it. It's more for analysis/discussion. DBH is here to provide info on the series, and to keep you informed of happenings in the fan art world.

The official Internet forum of Dragon Ball H, Dbz Babes, is geared more towards interaction within a community of like-minded DBH lovers (and those that generally like H anime, manga, dojins, etc). It also is for sharing material directly. It fills the role that the Web site once did, and then some.

So yeah.....enjoy the Web site. The site even has it's own Twitter page (@Dragon_Ball_H).