Android 18

Commonly Used Name:

18 (Jūhachigō, 18号)

Full Name:

Android 18 (人造人間18号)

Alternate Names:

#18, Juuhachigou, 18gou, Juu, Cyborg #18, c18

First Introduced in Anime:

Dragon Ball Z



Spouse/Significant Other:

Krillin (Kuririn)



Anime Appearances:

Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball Movie Appearances:


Dragon Ball Z Movies Appearances:


Appearances in Specials:

"The History of Trunks", and "Yo! The Return of Son-Goku and Friends!!"

Appears in manga?:


Android 18Android 18 was introduced in Dragon Ball Z as villain who haunted the future world from which Trunks came. She was "created" by Doctor Gero, an old but obscure nemesis of Goku from the original Dragon Ball series, that surfaced after the defeat of Frieza in the form of "Android 20". Gero's original plans were revealed by the future version of Trunks via time travel, in the form of an ominous warning that Gero would release two Androids upon the world that would ultimately wipe out most of the Z warriors as they had in Trunks' time. One of the two Androids that Trunks spoke of was none other than 18, along with her brother "Android 17". However, Trunks' time-line differed greatly from the one he was supposed to save, and thus things turned out much differently, including the fact that 17 and 18 weren't initially activated as they were supposed to have been. In addition to this, the threat that did surface just happened to be a modified version of Gero himself, known as Android 20, and another creation called "Android 19", neither of which appeared in Trunks' reality and only served to further confuse the situation.

The present time line ultimately proved to be different than Trunks' time line, and we were also introduced to an "Android 16", who turned out to be a peaceful and gentle being; contrasting sharply with the dark world presented (and witnessed in a movie special) by Trunks. 18 technically played the role of villain through the first half of the entire "Cell" arch, although both her and her brother 17 did not prove to be quite as "evil" as had been excepted, killing virtually nobody with the exception of Gero/Android 20. This further highlighted the differences in the two time lines and confounded Trunks to no end. There was also a foreshadowing of her relationship with Krillin when she kissed him on the cheek after defeating, but not killing, Vegeta and some of the other fighters. 16 was programmed to fight Goku, and 17 and 18 decided to try to find him. Along the way, they decided to have some fun at the expense of various people in the general human population. Ultimately, however, the desire to find Goku fell by the wayside as the Cell arch continued, with the only meaningful battle being between 17 and Piccolo. However, in the end, this did 16, 17, 18 and Piccolo no good, as they only managed to weaken themselves and become prey for Cell's twisted plans.

18 was eventually targeted by Cell after he absorbed 17, because he wished to achieve his maximum power; "perfection", as he put it. The only way he could do that was to absorb both 17 and 18. Cell succeeded in absorbing 18 due primarily to Vegeta's arrogance in wanting a more powerful opponent, much to the displeasure of Trunks. This was also made possible because Krillin refused to deactivate and destroy her using a remote control that Bulma had made. This further revealed his feelings for her as he could not bring himself to destroy her, even at the possibility of harm or death to his friends.

Android 1818 was eventually absorbed by Cell, who became "perfect" Cell. She was not seen again until Gohan (Son Gohan), as a level 2 Super Saiyan (SSJ2), damaged Perfect Cell enough that he regurgitated her, thus reverting to his previous form. After the battle, Krillin protected 18 from some of the weary Z fighters who still saw her as a threat, especially Trunks and Vegeta. She was taken to Kami's lookout where she awoke, with a few awkward/comical moments with Krillin, related to among other things his attempt to revive her brother 17, who he mistakenly thought was a love interest of hers. He also attempted to make her human, which the Dragon was unable to do. He does manage to succeed in removing the "bomb" planted in her. She did thank him, but didn't appear "interested" in him in quite the way he had hoped. However, the uncertainty of her actions and emotional queues hinted at what was to come. However, like all other romantic elements in the series, we never actually "saw" it develop.

At the very start of the Buu arch, 7 years after the Cell games, it's revealed that she married Krillin, and had a daughter named "Marron"; strangely enough, this was the almost name as Krillin's former girlfriend "Maron" from the beginning of the Cell arch. It was not revealed how she was able to have a child, being an android, and in fact, Goku asked that question without receiving a clear answer. However, since she constructed from a human "base", it's not unfathomable that she was still able to reproduce. She also fought in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, and accepted a bribe from Mr. Satan to throw the championship fight (all the other Z Fighters had gone after Buu instead of competing). She was killed, along with Bulma, Videl, and some of the other "sideline" characters by evil Buu, when he turned them into chocolate and ate them. 18 was revived along with most of the other characters toward the end of the Buu arch through the use of Namekian Dragon Balls.

18 was only really useful in Dragon Ball GT during the fight with Super Android 17. She helped Goku destroy Super 17. This happened as a result of being attacked by a "controlled" Android 17; an incident in which Krillin died. This elicited one of the most emotional responses by any of the females in the series toward their spouses (and vice-versa). This was unusual in that most of the romantic or endearing elements in the series were quite dry and lighthearted. She was still married to Krillin, and still had one daughter (Marron), at the end of Dragon Ball GT; Krillin was eventually revived by the Dragon Balls after Super 17's destruction.